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St. Thomas Catholic Church

1076 8th Street

Manson, Iowa 50563

Rev. Richard Ries, Pastor
Robert Lenz, Deacon
Deb Troshynski, Director Religious Ed.
Mary Jo Waller, Secretary
Shannon Manely, Secretary


St. Thomas Parish Center

1100 8th Street

Manson, Iowa 50563



Please remember if you are a teacher, employee or volunteer to sign in at Click on "My Training" tab & electronically fill in forms. The parishes of St. Thomas, St. Mary's & St. Francis are committed to the Safe Environment Program present in Sioux City Diocese.


Saturday evening at 5:00 St. Thomas, Manson

Sunday morning at 8:00 a.m. at St. Thomas, Manson

Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. at St. Francis, Rockwell City

Sunday morning at 11:00 a.m. at St. Mary, Pomeroy

Monday, Wednesday & Friday weekday masses are at 7:30 AM at Manson and subject to change

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday weekday masses are at 8:00 AM at Rockwell City and subject to change

Tuesday & Thursday weekday masses are at 7:30 AM at Pomeroy and subject to change

Reconciliation is 1/2 hour to 10 minutes before weekend masses, otherwise by appointment.

BULLETIN Twenty-Seventh Sunday In Ordinary Time Oct. 4, 2009

_______Mass Schedule St. Thomas Parish, Manson______
Sat. Oct. 3, 5:00pm----- Dave Fitzgerald, Al & Betty Peters
Sun. Oct. 4, 8:00am-----Clarence Bradley, Nell & Jim Horan
Mon. Oct. 5, 7:30am-----LuVerne Jante
Tues. Oct. 6 6:15pm------KOC Mass
Wed. Oct. 7 7:30am------Herb O’Brien, Richard & Elizabeth O’Brien
Friday Oct. 9 7:30am----Joe O’Brien
Sat. Oct. 10, 5:00pm-------Mary Steinberg, marguerite Nelson, Maxine Foley
Sun. Oct. 11, 8:00am--------Nieland/Wittry Families

Schedule of Ministers - St. Thomas
Saturday Oct. 10 , 5:00pm Euch. Min. ~ Jack & Marilyn Pierick, Pat Weishaar
Saturday Oct. 10 , 5:00pm Greeters ~ Jerry & Pam Chizek
Saturday. Oct. 10 , 5:00pm Gifts ~ Randy & Shirley Stein
Saturday. Oct. 10 , 5:00pm Lector ~Janine Lynch
Saturday. Oct. 10, 5:00pm Servers ~Tom & Kaitlyn McColley, Austin Zinnel
Saturday. Oct. 10, 5:00pm Cantor: ~Dana Rae Snell
Sunday, Oct. 11, 8:00am Euch. Min. ~ Joe Horan, Denise Besch, A. Robert Miller
Sunday, Oct. 11, 8:00am Greeters ~ Steve & Lisa Leppert
Sunday, Oct. 11, 8:00am Gifts ~ Mark & Amanda Korte
Sunday, Oct. 11, 8:00am Lector ~Peg Seivert
Sunday, Oct. 11, 8:00am Servers ~Emma Snell, Julie Quade, Samantha Kraft
Sunday, Oct. 11, 8:00am Cantor~ Dana Rae Snell
Weekday Ministers Acolyte: Lloyd Schreier
Weekday Cantor: Pat Schreier
St. Thomas Announcements:2nd Grade Parents are to attend class on Wednesday, October 7th for Reconciliation Learning Stations and Activities with your students.
St. Thomas Announcements: KOC meeting Tues. Oct. 6. Mass at 6:15pm follwed by 1st degree, meal & Meeting.
St. Thomas Announcements: Sunday, October 4th is the 6th Grade Student Mass. Students should be at the church no later than 7:45 AM.
St. Thomas Announcements: Fr. John Malieckal V.C & all the Vincentian Missionaries thank you for your prayers & generous mission offering last weekend.
St. Thomas Announcements: CCD Oct. 7 k-6 classes 6-7pm;4th grade server prep in church; 7-12 grades 7-8:15pm.
St. Thomas Announcements: Please remember in your prayers the family Andy & Rachel Miller. Rachel’s father Emmet Dewall passed away on 9-29.. Eternal Rest Grant to Him O’Lord.
St. Thomas Announcements: Youth Rally in Spencer for High School students is the last Sunday of October. Please get registration forms in to Deb by October 4th.
St. Thomas Announcements: St. Thomas is responsible for Meals on Wheals Oct. 4-10.

_______Mass Schedule - St. Francis, Rockwell City______
Sun. Oct. 4, 9:30am.------ Rich Rodenborn Family, Ardis & Rowena Collins
Tues. Oct. 6 8:00am------Tom Adams
Wed. Oct. 7 8:00am------Bill & Marilyn Bernhard
Thurs. Oct. 8 8:00am-----Laura Boes
Sun. Oct 11 9:30 am----Stumpf/Stumbo Families

Schedule of Ministers St. Francis
Sunday, Oct. 11, 9:30amEuch Min.: Paul Feld, Ron Hammen, Doug Klocke
Sunday, Oct. 11, 9:30am Lector: Peg Stoolman
Sunday, Oct. 11, 9:30amServers: Whitney Stoolman, Brett Nicholson, Ben Wozniak
Usher for Oct.: Bill Lawson, Andy Miller
St. Francis Announcements: ST. Paul's Lutheran Church Men's annual spaghetti supper will be held on Sunday, October 11 from 4:30-6:30 P.M. Adults $6, Children 5-12 $3, children under 5 are free.
St. Francis Announcements: Please join the proven effective, powerful, prayerful 40 Days for Life campaign to end abortion. Sponsored by the Diocesan Council of Catholic Women and Diocesan Pro-Life Commission, with the support of the Knights of Columbus.
St. Francis Announcements: Attention Ladies: 1. Our Annual Turkey Dinner is Sunday, October 25th from 11:00 A.M. to 4;00 P.M. Men of the parish, please pick up your schedules and tickets in the vestibule this weekend. All parishioners, please remember to bring your pies to the rectory garage by 9:00 A.M. on the 25th.
St. Francis Announcements: CCD Students and Parents: Thank you for putting the new pick up routine into practice. It went smoothly last week .Please continue to follow through with this routine. Parents/guardians of the 1st through 6th grades are to pick up their children at the South Door Exit. You may park behind the Religious Education Building and come to this Exit to pick up your children. This helps ensure their safety and easier transition for our students in all grades. Thank you.
St. Francis Announcements: Oct 4 --- We pray for women who are at risk of having an abortion, may the Holy Spirit guide them to the life preserving options they have.
St. Francis Announcements: Confirmation students and parents: We will have a rite of enrollment service for all confirmation students and their parents this Wednesday, the 7th at 6:30 P.M. You are expected to participate in this Confirmation commitment ceremony. You will need to contact Brian, Michelle, or Lisa prior to Wednesday, if you cannot make it. This is a special time for our children and their families. Please make this a priority. Thank You and God Bless.
St. Francis Announcements: United Family Knights of Columbus will have their Annual Tootsie Roll Drive at St. Francis' Church Mass October 4th (9am). Please be generous as the donations are used to support citizens with intellectual disabilities and stays local. Proceeds in the past have gone to Opportunity Living here in Calhoun County.
St. Francis Announcements:Altar Server Training will take place this month for the 5th Graders. We will meet from 7:00-7:30 P.M. on Wedesday, October 14th and 21st at the church. I will be contacting a few of the High School boys to help with this, so on those nights, the 5th graders will be staying till 7:30. Call me if you have questions. Thank you. Lisa : ) 297-5116
Oct 11 --- We pray for all the innocent children who are at risk of perishing, may God open the hearts of their parents and provide them with the strength and courage to carry those children to term.

_______Mass Schedule St. Mary's, Pomeroy______
SunSun. Oct. 4, 11am.----Urban Korte, Bob Barrett
Tues. Oct. 6 7:30am----Noonan & Unkel Families
Thurs. Oct. 8 7:30am----Michael & Ann Kennedy
Sun. Oct. 11, 11am----Ray Fitzgerald

Schedule of Ministers St. Mary's, Pomeroy
Sunday Oct 11, 11am Euch. Min. - Mike & Laurie Barrett
Sunday Oct 11, 11am Greeters:Ed & Dorothy Weinzetl
Sunday Oct 11, 11am Gifts: Chris Fitzgerald Family
Sunday Oct 11, 11am Lector: Mel & Rozella Hartman
Sunday Oct 11, 11am Servers: Faith Meyer, Grace Meyer
Sunday Oct 11, 11am Rosary: - Jerry Clancy
Sunday, October 4th, maidrites & chips will be served after the 11:00 Mass. Deann & Russ Buddin and Joyce & Ray Majorwicz are co-chairmans. Altar Society Meeting will follow. Also, the October committee is responsible for helping with crafts and coffee on October 2nd at the Pomeroy Care Center.

Please Remember in Your Prayers.... Randy Skilling, Frank Byrne, Vickie Danner, Gladys Kramer, Tom Porteous, Scott Holland, Mary Schwenk, Pete Fitzpatrick, Larry Schmitt, Emily Markert-Wileke, Maxine Moriarty, Pat Minnick, Harold Wolter, Sierra Mueller, Joseph Parthenais

Please Remember in Your Prayers.... Randy Skilling, Frank Byrne, Vickie Danner, Gladys Kramer, Tom Porteous, Scott Holland, Mary Schwenk, Pete Fitzpatrick, Larry Schmitt, Emily Markert-Wileke, Maxine Moriarty, Pat Minnick, Harold Wolter, Sierra Mueller, Joseph Parthenais

Catholic Extension

St. John Neumann Parish

In 1998, Father Jerome Degen, now retired, brought up the idea to St. Thomas parishioners of helping a parish in another state.

"I had thought of doing this for quite some time," said Father Degen. "I'd always had the idea that I'd like to have a parish, if possible, that could financially do some outreach work to another parish that needed it."

When Father Degen arrived at Manson, he knew that St. Thomas would be able to help. Originally when he proposed the idea to parishioners they did not seem interested, but later began helping a parish in North Dakota after the devastating floods and fires in 1997.

"After a year of that, when they were back on their feet in North Dakota again, I talked to the parish council about continuing what we'd been doing, but find some other place to send the money," he said. The parish agreed to continue helping a Catholic parish in the U.S.

Through the help of The Catholic Extension, Father Degen and his parish were given several parishes to pick from. "I knew that they worked at putting parishes together for this sort of thing," explained Father Degen.

In the end, St. Thomas Parish picked St. John Neumann Mission in Eupora, Miss. The mission parish was run by two lay ministers, Mary and Gene Grabbe. The Catholic community of Eupora holds church in a large house in downtown Eupora.

Eupora is located in northern Mississippi, and the mission parish currently serves about 40 families. In an area predominantly settled by Southern Baptists, the Eupora parish had a difficult time getting started, but now, with the help of the Grabbes and St. Thomas Parish, the mission has been able to grow.

Once a month, the people of St. Thomas take up a second collection during the weekend Masses. "The money that comes in from the second collection would be sent to the parish in Mississippi," said Father Degen.

"We have more than enough money in this parish and I think it is really important," said Father Dale J. George, the current pastor of St. Thomas Church. "I think it's really good to get us in the habit of looking beyond ourselves."

The parishioners in Manson felt so good about helping the Catholics in Eupora that when Father Degen would forget to announce the second collection at Mass, he would be reminded immediately.

St. John Neumann Mission occasionally sends pictures and letters to St. Thomas in Manson so that the two parishes are linked, and the people in Manson can know who they are helping. Father George also includes news of the St. John Neumann Church in the parish bulletin.

Although Father Degen retired in August of 2001, St. Thomas Parish still assists St. John Neumann Parish in Eupora. "I really think the parish becomes more aware of their mission responsibilities and their responsibility to evangelization," said Father Degen.

When Father George came to St. Thomas Parish after Father Degen's retirement, he had not heard about the Adopt-a-Parish program.

"When I first came here, I wasn't aware that this had gone on," explained Father George. "The parish council wanted to know if we would continue it and of course we did. In general, I think the people like to do this, give something where they don't get anything back." By TAVIA MALONE, Globe Staff Writer



On August 9, 1855, Michael Collins, a native of Ireland, moved into a cabin on Section 13 of Lizard Township in Pocahontas County. It was here on August 15, 1857, that the first Mass was offered by Father John Vahey, a resident priest of Fort Dodge. In 1870 Fr. M.C. Lenihan took charge and erected St. Patrick's Church on the Lizard, later establishing missions at Fonda, Pomeroy, Pocahontas, and Manson. Fr. Lenihan came to the Halligan home, now occupied by the James Cunningham family, once a month for three years before construction of St. Thomas was started. Father Lenihan was later consecrated as bishop of the Diocese of Cheyenne, Wyoming. It is in his honor that the parish bears the name of his patron, St. Thomas, the Apostle. St. Thomas Church was the first Catholic Church in Calhoun County.

Church property was purchased in 1883 from Mrs. A. Kautz. The first marriage in St. Thomas Church took place on November 9, 1885. On that date Matthew John Foley and Mary Clarke exchanged their wedding vows. Workmen had to sweep the middle aisle for the couple to proceed to the altar because the church had not been completed.

In 1890, Father M. C. Daly was appointed the first resident pastor. He served the parish as well as the missions of Barnum and Pomeroy. A residence was built for the pastor and land was purchased for the parish cemetery from Jack Christmas.

Father McAuliffe succeeded Fr. Daly in October, 1902. Church records before 1902 were destroyed. The first baptism of record was that of Agnes Booge, daughter of Francis Booge and Frances Debener on October 26, 1902, by Fr. McAuliffe. The first funeral was that of Anna Lang, wife of Anton Lang, who died on October 21, 1903. The sacrament of confirmation was administered for the first time in St. Thomas by Rt. Rev. Phillip J. Garrigan, the first bishop of Sioux City diocese, on September 20, 1903. During Fr. McAuliffe's pastorship the rectory was moved, a basement was built under it, a furnace was installed; a sanctuary, sacristy, and belfry were added to the exterior of the church, a choir loft, metal ceilings and stained glass windows were added to the interior of the church.

Fr. Bernard O'Reilly followed in July, 1908. On June 20, 1909, Fr. O'Reilly witnessed the first class of record to recieve First Communion. There were 21 communicants.

In May of 1919, Fr. Sweeney was appointed pastor. The interior of the rectory was remodeled, a sleeping porch added to the west side of the house, the old board walk north of the church was removed, the old barn was replaced by a cement block garage and a small indebtedness cleared.

Fr. Lynch was chosen pastor of St. Thomas in September, 1922. During his stay the interior of the church was redecorated and Stations of the Cross were erected.

Succeeding Fr. Lynch as pastor was Fr. James Greteman. During the nine years of his pastorate, the rectory was refurnished and redecorated both inside and out. An oak floor was laid in the body of the old church and new oak pews installed. The interior of the church was redecorated and the exterior repainted. Fr. Greteman influenced the parishioners to buy U.S. Governments bonds as the start of a building fund.

On May 8, 1945, Fr. O.A. Dentlinger assumed charge of the parish. Improvements made during his pastorate were installation of the Verdin electric bell ringing system, the Angelus Mass bells and funeral toller, a new electric organ, the new pew kneelers throughout the church were fitted with leather, cushions, and a double acoustic confessional was installed.

R. Knobbe took charge of St. Thomas in August, 1952. Improvements in the parish included the installation of a furnace in the church, a main altar, a crucifix, communion rail and two side altars. The choir stairway and loft were paneled and carpeted, a baptistery built, and doors, both inside and out were replaced. A new kitchen, bathroom and a 12' x 39' addition were added to the rectory. Property was purchased to the north for future needs.

In August, 1956, Fr. Charles M. Kneip was appointed pastor of St. Thomas. During his pastorate, the present church was built. The Ebersole property was purchased on December 6, 1957. On May 28, 1962, the Langenwalter property was purchased. In April, 1964, plans were made for the new church parish hall and classrooms by the building committee. The church was completed in 1966, with a total seating capacity of 402 people.

Fr. David McGoey became pastor in April, 1969 and served until 1971. Fr. McCoy served from 1971 to 1972.

In 1972, Fr. John Turza was appointed to St. Thomas. Fr. Turza generously opened up the use of the church to the Manson Mennonite congregation after the tornado in 1979.

August of 1979 brought us Fr. E.D. Thom. During Fr. Thom's tenure, the church was reshingled.

The following priests served our Parish - Father Daly served the parish until 1902. Subsequent pastors were: Father John McAuliffe (1902-1908), Father Bernard O'Reilly (1908-1919), Father Clement P. Sweeney (1919-1922), Father Patrick T. Lynch (1922-1932), Father August J. Nuel (1932-1936), Father James B. Greteman (1936-1945), Father Otto A. Dentlinger (1945-1952), Father Clemens A. Knobbe (1952-1956), Father Charles M. Kneip (1956-1969), Father David T. McGoey (1969-1971), Father Alfred E. McCoy (1971-1972), Father John R. Turza (1972-1979), Father Elmer D. Thom (1979-1985), Father Jerome B. Koenig (1985-1987), Father Roger J. Linnan (1987-1989), Father Robert J. McClintock (1989-1996), Father Jerome A. Degen (1996-2001) and Father Dale George (2001-2003) . Father Richard Ries is pastor of St. Thomas.

There have been a number of vocations to sacred order and the religious life nurtured in the parish. Father Robert M. Kelly, S.J., born in Manson in 1877, entered the Jesuit Society in 1889. Florence Adams entered the Sisters of St. Francis in 1932 and was given the name Sister Mary Matilda. Other women religious from the parish are Sister Dorothy Sievers, OSF; Sister Madonna Lang, OSF; and Sister Regina Markert, OSF.

Msgr. Kenneth Seifried was ordained for the Diocese of Sioux City in 1963. Thomas Lang, who served many years as an army chaplain, was ordained to the permanent deaconate for the diocese in 1982.

On Oct. 1, 1998, the parish clustered with St. Mary Parish, Pomeroy, and St. Joseph Parish, Palmer. St. Joseph Parish was closed shortly thereafter.

St. Thomas presently serves 181 households and has 125 children in religious education classes.


St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church

744 Main St

Rockwell City, Iowa 50579

Rev. Richard Ries, Pastor
Robert Lenz, Deacon
Rev. Clair Boes (Ret.) In Residence (712-261-1557)
Lisa Wozniak, Director Religious Ed.
Mary Jo Waller, Secretary
Shannon Manely, Secretary


St. Francis of Assisi Parish Center



Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m.

Wednesday,Thursday, & Friday weekday masses at 8:00 AM subject to change.

Reconciliation is 1/2 hour to 10 minutes before weekend masses, otherwise by appointment.


St. Mary's Catholic Church

306 Geneva

Pomeroy, Iowa 50575

Rev. Richard Ries, Pastor
Robert Lenz, Deacon
Marcia Ehn, Director Religious Ed.
Mary Jo Waller, Secretary
Shannon Manely, Secretary


St. Mary's Parish Center



Sunday morning at 11:00 a.m.

Tuesday and Thursday weekday masses at 7:30 AM subject to change.

Reconciliation is 1/2 hour to 10 minutes before weekend masses, otherwise by appointment.


Pomeroy - St. Mary's

POMEROY - In 1855, Calhoun County was established. The Illinois Central Railroad was built through the county in 1870, and by 1875 Pomeroy was a growing community. Priests from Fort Dodge attended to the spiritual needs of the community and first celebrated Mass in the John Knight home. As the congregation grew, services were then held in the Pomeroy school. St. Mary's Church was built around 1881 with John Knight, Patrick Clancy, Maurice Clancy, J.H. Hogan, and William Taylor serving on the building committee..

The Pomeroy Cyclone completely destroyed this Catholic Church and all of its records on July 7, 1893. The debris was scattered two hundred feet or more, but the tabernacle was left standing and the chalice, communion cup and fixtures were undisturbed. Tha altar stone and a chair donated by John Knight were also not destroyed. Parish members worked diligently clearing away debris and made plans for rebuilding the church. Again Patrick Clancy was chairman of the building committee. Father M.C. Daly, pastor of St. Thomas parish, Manson, had Pomeroy assigned to him as a mission parish. During good weather he celebrated Mass outside on an improvised altar with planks laid across tiles for pews and in inclement weather services were held in homes until the new church was built.

It is unclear exactly when the cemetery property was acquired; however, it was thought to be about 1885. John L. Dalton donated a heifer which was raffled off and won by Michael Clancy, who in turn raffled it off again. With this sum of money they bought the present site of St. Mary's cemetery. For the donor's combined efforts, they were each given a lot in the center of the plot where Mr. and Mrs. John L. Dalton and Mr. and Mrs. Michael Clancy are buried.

Father John McAuliffe succeeded Father Daly in Manson in 1902 and drove a team of horses to Pomeroy to celebrate Mass and teach catechism twice a month. He often picked up Oliver and Ernest Baker on his way to Pomeroy, and they in turn would care for his horses.

In 1909, Father Edward J. Neppel, the first resident priest, lived in various homes until the rectory was built in 1910. St. Joseph's Parish of Palmer became a mission of Pomeroy at this time. The parochial school in Pomeroy was built north of the church at a cost of $12,000. It opened in the fall of 1915 with Sr. Theodotia and Sr. Alexander, Franciscan Sisters of the Holy Family, as the first teachers. Margaret McAlpin was the first child to enter. The school was a combination of boarding school, day school, and home for the sisters. At one time approximately 60 boarders from the towns of Palmer, Knoke, Jolley, and Manson. The students stayed from Monday through Friday. From 1928 to 1932 eleven grades were taught at the school.

Father Joseph M. Neppel succeeded his older brother as pastor in 1923.

In 1934, Father Richard Graf became pastor. Because of the Depression, children often brought food to pay for their board, and tuition was taken only from those children outside of St. Mary's and St. Joseph's parishes.

Father James Kane arrived as the new pastor in 1938 and remained until 1944 when Fr. Norbert J. Boes came to serve. He remained in the area for ten years. Following his departure, the following priests served Pomeroy and Palmer in rapid succession: Fr. Raymond Calkins, 1954-1955; Fr. Louis Greving, 1955-1956; Fr. Thomas Lawless, 1956-1958; Fr. G.A. O'Rouke, 1958-1959, and Fr. L.J. Eisenbacher, 1959-1961 and Father Alfred E. McCoy (1961-1965.

During the tenure of Fr. Charles Yetmar,1965-1971, the history of the parish again took on a new sense of direction. In 1967 the school was closed due to declining enrollment but continued to be used for weekly CCD classes and storage. In the spring of 1966 the idea of a new church was instituted. A building committee consisting of Adolph and Ardyce Lenz, Leo Clancy, Don Hammen, Urban Korte, Loren Gerdes, Wayne Hansen, James Murphy, Jr., Hubert Lenz, Adolph Peiffer, Glen Holland, Dennis Lenz, Cliff Meyer, Bernard Gugglsbert, Jerome Wagner, and Arnold Streit was formed to tackle all aspects of such an undertaking. When Adolph Peiffer offered a very generous gift in 1967, a drive was begun and enough money was pledged to make the dream a reality. On August 15, 1969, on the Feast of the Assumption, the first spade of dirt was turned. One year later the cornerstone was placed in the newly constructed church. The new church, with an adjoining parish hall, was placed just east of the old one. Reminders of the old church were the original large crucifix, the altar stone, and the Stations of the Cross which were hand painted by Sara Baker. The new church was officially dedicated on August 23, 1970.

Father Lawrence McCarty (1971-1975), became pastor in 1971. It was during this time that the Cursillo Movement became very strong in St. Mary's congregation and many meetings were held regularly in the rectory and parish hall. On January 20, 1973 the bell of St. Mary's again began ringing after many years of silence. Deterioration of the tower of the old church had forced the removal of the bell and tower some years before. The free-standing tower, made of the same brick used in the new church, was completely electrified but could also be operated manually. Several years later a brick encasement was built in the front of the church to indicate times of Masses and confessions.

Fr. William Wingert served the parished from 1975 to 1977 and was succeeded by Fr. Robert Keefe. Father Keefe taught his parishioners what it was like to struggle with illness. He demonstrated great perserverance and strong faith through many surgeries and finally the amputation of a leg. He left in 1981 for a parish with a handicapped accessible rectory.

Fr. Robert Leiting was then the pastor until 1982 and was followed by Fr. Edward Young until 1984. Fr. Peter Fransco served the parish from 1984 until 1991..

In the early summer of 1991 Fr. Richard Macke came to Pomeroy. Shortly thereafter the school building was demolished by fire and a double garage with storage space was constructed.

After Father Macke's retirement in 1998, the parish was clustered with St. Joseph Parish, Palmer, and St. Thomas Parish in Manson. St. Joseph Parish was then closed. Father Jerome A. Degen, pastor of St. Thomas, Manson, was appointed pastor of St. Mary Parish. In 2001, Father Dale George served as pastor of the parish. Currently, Father Richard Ries is serving the parish.

The following priests have served Pomeroy and Palmer: Father M.C. Daly until 1902, Father R.J. McAuliff (1902-1909), Father Ed Neppl (1909-1923), Father Joseph Neppl (1923-1934), Father Richard Graf (1934-1938),Father James Kane (1938-1944), Father Nobert Boes (1944-1954), Father Raymond Calkins (1954-1955), Father Louis Greving (1955-1956), Father Thomas Lawless (1956-1958), Father Gabriel O'Rourke (1958-1959), Father Linus Eisenbacher (1959-1961) Father Alfred E. McCoy (1961-1965), Father Charles Yetmar (1961-1971), Father Lawrence McCarty (1971-1975) Father D. William Wingert (1975-1977), Father Robert Keefe (1977-1981), Father Robert Leiting (1981-1982), Father Edward Young (1982-1984) and Father Peter Fransco (1984-1991), Father Richard Macke (1991-1998),Father Jerome A. Degen (1998-2001) and Father Dale George (2001-2003) Father Richard Ries (2003-present).

The parish now serves 72 households with 160 members. There are 38 children attending the parish religious education program.


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